About 1916home dot net

About 1916home dot net
Hello all! We are Dave and Anna and this website is about our first home, which is a 1916 Craftsman Bungalow located in Southern California.

After some serious home research, we found this cute “vintage charmer” in our price range. Vintage, yes. Charmer, my ass! Unfortunately, you dont get very much for your money here in Southern California, but it is cute nonetheless.

Email: contact-info [at] 1916home [dot] net
Phone: 867-5309
Facebook: facebook.com/1916home
Twitter: @1916home

More about us . . .
Our little vintage charmer is nestled in the foothills of southern California. We are on a small 6400 sq ft lot that we decorate with brilliantly colored and wonderful smelling roses.

We focus our efforts on restoring and renovating our home, growing homemade veggies, filling extra space with fruit trees and cultivating a place that our friends & family consider “home” as well.

At any given time in this ole home, you’ll find our passions ranging from homemade earthy foods like bread and homemade beer, or a game of soccer streamed on the internets. In our down time we enjoy playing board games like backgammon, monopoly, and drinking some absinthe. You will also hear a variety of languages spoken here… English, Russian, Polish, Italian and a little French and German thrown in too. Ohhh, and we have a lot of meowing and barking going on too!

Now for our lovable pets…

Bisou ~ we decided to get our first pet when the house deal was being finalized. We found him at the Humane Society near us in a cage for sick animals. They said the kittens in the cage would soon be put to sleep. We picked this lil guy and named him Bisou, french for “kiss” because he loves to kiss! He is an appreciative guy and loves to hunt bugs & patrol the premises. I never thought I would be a cat guy, but Bisou is so lovable!

He also is the proud winner of Cat of the Week in the 365 Day Cat Calendar for 2011! Congrats Mr. Bisou! You can read about it here: Bisou Wins Award!

Julie ~ This wild and crazy min pin (miniature pinscher) we also rescued at the Humane Society. Anna used to have one growing up in Ukraine & wanted another one. Julie was scared, tired, afraid, very skinny, sick, and had just had surgery when we saw her in the intensive care unit. Anna fell in love. Julie is commanding, attacks full size dogs, controls everyone, monitors food levels, & is a total B***CH !!! But we LOVE her! Sexy eyelashes too!

Heidi ~ Heidi appeared in our backyard a few days before my mom passed away. One neighbor said he saw her “hiding” (hence the name Heidi) between some stones in the backyard. She looked so lonely, cold, scared, afraid & very thin, almost too thin. When mom passed on, we decided to take Heidi inside to feed and bathe her. Just start taking care of her. You know, just get her on her feet again. I thought it would be nice to have an outdoor cat. A month later, she started crying in pain…. an hour later she gave birth to three babies, two survived. Read about it at both of these links (baby photos!)…

 Heidi is doing great! She is an indoor cat, with no desire to go outside again. She is small and compact, loves to entertain herself, protects the house from evil and has 6 toes on every foot.

Thanks so much for visiting and contributing your comments to our stories. This site and both of us are enriched by your participation.


  1. Anonymous

    Hi To you! Cute house! My husband and I – Newleyweds with a new baby, in southern Oregon, are attempting to buy our first house – also a 1916 Bungalow. It is a bank repo – and the previous owner has left quite a bit of work unfinished, so I found your blog while trying to get info on what to expect with a 1916 bungalo – such as – what may be in it? like asbestos? Plumbing? Heating? electric? what will be the most obvious things we should think/worry about? Hey! If you have any advice for Us we’d sure appreciate IT! Thanks – marylou_4@yahoo.com The Simino’s!

  2. shirtees.net

    These old homes are a lot more money than I expected! But one good point is to try to do as much of the work on your house yourself. Thats where the real savings will come in.

    So far, it doesnt appear that we have any asbestos in our house. One of our next big projects will be to redo all the wiring in the house becuase what we have now is bare wire wrapped in cloth… over 90 years old, and it was never designed to handle all of our new appliances, like a computer, printer, LCD tv, etc, etc. I may just have an expert do this since Im no electrical genius.

    Good luck! Let me know if you start a blog!

  3. Anonymous

    I loved reading about your animal family members. We have four cats right now, two are offspring of Emmy, a little black cat who also appeared in our backyard in similar circumstances as your Heidi. Emmy gave birth to 4 kittens a few weeks later. We gave 2 away and kept the brother and sister, Mickey & Minnie. We had Emmy for about 11 years.

    You have a great site – I really like the content, your ad setup, and the rest of the layout and design. Good luck with all your house projects!

  4. dave

    Unfortunately, you may not use any part of the 1916home website. I have put a lot of time and effort into creating it.

    There are many free blog templates over at btemplates.com you can find and make your own.

    Make sure to try GIMP for image editing and creation. Its free!

    Thank you for you interest.

    Good Luck, Dave

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