1920 & 1930 U.S. Census data

I have access to the U.S. Census data (more on that in a min) and tried to locate the original owners of my house. The 1930 census for my city is still incomplete. The 1920 census data did show my street, but I couldn’t find my street address and who was living in it at the time. Maybe the house numbers were renumbered at some point between now and 1920. Its possible. I’ll go to my cities historical society in a couple weeks when I get the time. Who knows? Maybe someone famous lived there! (or died there?)

I did open the file on my house in my cities planning department, but I was looking for something else 🙂 and don’t recall seeing any names on some of the permits. I’ll go back and check it out soon.

PS… you can get FREE access to US census data (like for doing your family history) by going to your library and asking if they offer free online access to the US Census info. Some do and some don’t. Some libraries only allow access via their computers in their libraries. Luckily, I’m within 30 minutes of downtown Los Angeles, opened up a library account at their huge 7 story public library and through L.A. Public Library I have free online access (from my home!) to genealogy resources such as census info, military draft info and more.


  1. Polly

    Hi, this is Polly from CafePress.Your Bungalow is lovely! I’m looking forward to following your restoration progress. Our farm came with a 100 y/o country store and we plan to restore it and re-open it eventually. Maybe we’ll learn a few things from you!

    Congrats again!


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