The 2nd Bedroom

Our second bedroom will have sort of a beach feel to it. Lots of whites, blues, and sandy colors. I will also be using a Ralph Lauren painting technique called “denim” to hopefully help hide the imperfections in the wall. Check out my inspiration photo and denim style Im talking about. If you want to know more about this Ralph Lauren technique and others, check out my link for them on the left hand side under “Links”.

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Ahhh! As I was marking off the walls in this bedroom last night, I noticed our room USED to have that border about a foot down from the ceiling. Was there any reason why the top part of the walls were painted white along with the ceiling or was this some design of the time 100 years ago? I really like it so I’ll be putting that border back in and painting the room exactly as shown in the photo.


  1. Oblio70

    That baorder about a foot from the ceiling is called the “painting rail”. I hope you have noticed that hammering nails into plaster is a bad idea as it will crack and spall the fragile material. For this reason, a rail from which you can hang paintings and pictures with specific hooks from was included in (most) every room. As for painting the wall above the color of the ceiling and not the color of the wall below, well, that was just more logical as it already delineated the two surfaces. masking this was easy and little care was needed in “edging”. And quite frankily, I think it helps to make the space feel more expansive (vertically).


    Wow thanks for the info about the painting rail! I have toured the Gamble house in Pasadena, CA and all paintings are hung from this rail as youve mentioned. I didnt realize this about my house and correlate the two since the Gamble house is almost all in wood inside and Im used to color. The rail for pictures completely flew over my head.

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