30 Things Ive Learned 5/30

Tip #5 – Allow yourself plenty of time for the renovation you are working on. Im learning this as I go here. My in-laws are arriving from Europe in less than two weeks now. Ive got two pages of things I need to get done before their arrival.. and it goes slow if im waiting for the wall spackle to dry a day. I also want to build a bed for the new room. This can be found at Pottery Barn for a whopping $1700, but I think I can build it for a couple hundred, if not less. I dont know if I’ll finish in time, but I will certainly try (along with completely redoing the 2nd bedroom). Our house is small, our closets are small – so with a wardrobe and a dresser in each room, plus these big drawers under the bed, I think we’ll be fine.


  1. Poppy

    It’s a nice looking bed and it would certainly provide quite a bit of drawer space. Something I think we all seem to lack!

    Good luck getting ready for the in laws~

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