BUSY is an Understatement

Thats for sure! Less than a week now before my mother-in-law and nephew-in-law arrive from Europe for their first stay in America.

I havent had time to post here… Im workin’ my ass off!!!

We bought the paint for the living room – Eddie Bauer Series color called “Antique Moss” and I painted the living room the other night. It came out very nice! We are pleased with this color green, its not avocado green, its not a deep sherwood forest green, its not a light green.. its a green with some grey in it.. hard to explain, but its the perfect green for a craftsman bungalow. It is a bold green, and it warms up the room that was otherwise cold and thoughtless. It will be perfect once I get a fireplace in there some day!

Last night I spent 4 whopping hours sanding my spackle putty job in the front room. It also came out nice and glad I took the time to fix EVERY crack in that room. it was horrible. The front room will get painted white and also a light blue w/ denim pattern (ralph lauren technique) this weekend (you can view design photos in a previous post).

As you can see by our photos, we just bought IKEA furniture to finish off our front bedroom. IKEA is having a sale so these two pieces were $600 total… not bad. Once I build those drawer boxes for the blue room it will look, as Paris Hilton would say, “sexy”.

Stay tuned for photos of all my craziness this past week!

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