Restored Table Saw

Back when we bought our house (still less than a year ago), I entered the garage… leaning, dark, musty, filty. Filty was an understatement. After I had cleaned it up, the previous owners left me an old table saw. I needed one too.

A couple cans of paint, some new wiring, a new blade and I was back in business.

I even researched the model on the internet and found an owners manual! Its a 1941 DURO brand “super value” Heavy Duty” 8 inch table saw.


  1. Anonymous

    Dave and Anna,
    WOW, never thought I’d find anything on this saw. NICE RESTO!!!
    I picked one up for $25. Mine happened to come with left and right table extensions. Do you know where I can find information on this saw??? Manuals, parts, etc. Any and all info would be great. Or if you can share any info from the resto, that would be great as well.


    Ps: Got a couple dato blades with it too. ;o)

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