Craftsman Mailbox

This is a project I wanted to make for my wife as a gift. But, lets face it, its for both of us… a mailbox. Plus, I dont think many women would want a new mailbox as a gift. Regardless, I am going to build this project as we are severely in need of a new mailbox. The one left for us by previous owners is a $5 tin box made in China (but then, what isnt made in china anymore?) MY mailbox, thats what. Here is the photo of what I want to build and the link to the project book titled “Authentic Arts & Crafts Furniture Projects“, which has several other good projects I want to build as well. Photos inside are all full color, nice materials list for each project and sketch diagrams for tricky cuts and fittings….

again, click image to see large version.


  1. This Old Erie House

    That’s a beautiful mailbox and as a woman, I’d say I think that would make a great gift. I look forward to seeing what it looks like when you’re done and how hard it was to make. I like woodworking so it may be a project I may attempt if it isn’t too complicated to make.


    I just bought all my wood for this project last night! In just a couple hours I was able to make all the main cuts needed. Today I’ll do some angle cuts on the lid, create the 4 square holes at the top, cut the curve for the top and glue it all together and let it dry overnight. So far, this is an easy project… and really its my first wood project that requires any real skill. In previous blog posts, Ive built simple things like a compost bin and also a six foot flower box, but those were all quick rough cuts using no plans. SO I am definitely excited about this mailbox project!

  3. TLC

    Thanks for this! My husband tracked the plans down online and he made me, one as well! (I liked the pure, unadorned version, so no flower)

    Thanks for the idea!!

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