Mailbox Progress

As you can see, Im still working on my mailbox. Not quite done yet, but getting there! Ive used a simple chemical reaction (you can find it on the internet) to create the green patina on the copper hooks. After using Minwax “red mahogany” stain, I did two coats of amber shellac (sanding after each coat) and Ive also added a Minwax stain color called “dark walnut” to tone down the redness abit. Im almost done now. After finishing the copper patina this weekend, I’ll do a very light sanding of my mailbox & lid, then spray on a clearcoat. Attach the hooks and lid with some brass hinges and the mailbox will be finished! Ah… almost forgot. After running around trying to find a red dye for the rose cutout, I ended up using a Sharpie permenant red marker on the oak pieces for the rose. Added two layers of amber shellac on those and it looks great 🙂 (sorry folks, the photos didnt come in on this post, i’ll fix them monday)

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