Mailbox Finished

Its finally done. In all her glory. I know. Considering this was my first furniture / wood cutting / craftsman project, it didnt turn out too bad. My 1941 table saw cuts like a 1941 table saw (Even with a 2007 blade). The cuts are as close to square as I could get… not bad, but not perfect. I like the weathered copper hooks. It was plenty of fun beating the crap out of them with the ball end of a hammer to achieve a perfect craftsman copper look. I especially love the sound of the wood lid closing. A tough sound of oak hitting oak 🙂 I like the size of this box and if I were to ever make another one, I have some ideas to better this! OK people… please, I need some real critique here. Some REAL criticisms.


  1. ceruleandaze

    Looks great to me. Nice job!

    But maybe perfection shouldn’t be the goal. Instead, maybe accept it as it is, warts & all, and focus more on the simple act of having created something, even from someone else’s plans. Sometimes… no, oftentimes… like little bits of serendipity, the imperfections are often what make it special.

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