NEW Table Saw!

Good News: My wife liked the mailbox I made her. She agreed I could do bigger and better jobs with the right tools (a new saw!). Although a Grizzly model saw might be my first choice, Craftsman has a nice line ranging from professional to entry level woodworking table saws. I ended up getting a mid grade the Craftsman table saw #21829 after reading several reviews (the best of the portables). My biggest reason for this portable one is because my garage gets coated in dust when I use anything in there it is so small. This model I can wheel out on a Sunday morning and cut away. It cuts VERY nice and precise. It has an attachment to hook up a shop vac which will be handy wen I can afford a shop vac. It even has a router setup to mount the a router underneath and do routering work right on your table top. Clever. So far, I highly recommend this model if you want a great table saw on a budget. SEARS has a Fathers Day sale going on right now which got me another $50 off.


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