2nd Bedroom – Beach Inspired

We are pretty much done with our beach inspired 2nd bedroom. Light blues, whites, and tans incorporated with seagulls, wild flowers seashells and more… (click images to view larger) Flowers from Big Bear, CA, furniture IKEA, linen from IKEA and pottery barn outlet store.


  1. sarah

    Lovely! You guys did a great job with the beach theme. I’m thinking of doing something similar with our youngest’s room, since it is a basement bedroom it needs all the lightness I can muster.

  2. 1916home.net

    Thanks. We try to save money when we can. Our furniture in this room was IKEA and usually they have pretty cheaply made stuff, but the white furniture we bought is made pretty good. And the price was right. I think we paid about $500 for the dresser, side table (both in pics) and a full wardrobe, not in the photos. The dark blue blanket on the bed is actually a pottery barn tablecloth, but it was so thick and has a great embroidery pattern on it, we thought it was for a bed! Regularly $189, we got it at the outlet store on the way to Las Vegas for $20. Not bad. Some friends in Italy sent us some nice white linens we used on the side table, and some sand coloured grass mats from Lowes rounded the room out. My fave part of this room? The picture rail, which it didnt have when we moved in. I love the style it brings by having a white ceiling and blue walls.

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