Find YOUR Farmers Market

Farmers markets are a great way to buy natural and usually organic fruits and vegetables. You can find your city or neighboring city on the link below and find out what day of the week, when and where your local farmers markets are going on.

The less bio engineered vegetables we eat, the better off we will be. I like farmers markets also just to mingle with shopkeepers, make new friends, etc. For example… i know the cookie guy now. Haha! My farmers market has more than fruits and veggies… there are home made soap makers, candle makers, etc.

The updated directory above lists 4,385 farmers markets currently operating in the United States, representing a 18 percent increase from 3,706 farmers markets in 2004.

WAY TO GO everyone!

UPDATE: June 28, 2008
Another good site for finding farmers markets is…
and for Southern California people double check with this site too…



    Hi Sarah! You have a nice blog. I cant wait to spend some time and read through it! I just found out from a neighbor that our city is not going to do its farmers market this summer. 🙁 Im bummed about it because our house is right in the city center, accessible by walking and I was really looking forward to walking to our farmers market every week. We did so last year, but it was already almost done when we moved in. Luckily or neighboring cities are not too far away and usually have the same vendors.

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