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I do love to read other peoples house blogs. I get inspiration, I learn something new and more importantly I make friends and who doesn’t need a new friend? Hopefully you’ll learn something new following these cool blogs below…

1912 Bungalow. A craftsman bungalow in Los Angeles. Great site and was featured on DIY Networks show Restoration Realities.

1902 Victorian. Another young married couple in Alabama! Great site design, great blogs!

1916 Portland Bungalow. They are in the middle of a beautiful kitchen remodel.

Bungalow ’23. Big craftsman home in Minnesota. (im envious!) Starting an attic restoration.

Bungalow Goes Nuclear. Finally settling in a cute house, they’ve got a ton of work to do (but who doesnt)!

Chicago 2-Flat. A blog about an apartment in Chicago. Very interesting & great photos.

L. Norris Hall House. The tale of a 1906 Foursquare. From the Hall house, to a flop house, to our house. Check em out!

Our New Farmhouse in Germany. Follow along with this couple from the USA who bought a timber-frame house built in 1834.

The Smurf House. Their name says it all! Its a bright BLUE and white bungalow built in 1922.

1916home.net Bungalow House Blog. This is ours 🙂 An eclectic house blog of a young married couple and their first home, a 1916 craftsman bungalow.

Thats all for now, I dont want to overload people with links. But these house blogs are definitely my faves so far and I am trying to follow along with about 39 house blogs right now.


  1. Josh

    Great list! Thanks for the mention of Bungalow ’23, too. There are a couple blogs here that I hadn’t heard of, but I’m going to check out based on your recommendation.

  2. 1916home.net

    I try to follow about 40 house blogs, which is pretty easy if you have an RSS aggregator or RSS reader. Some, like yours, stand out from the crowd and glad to spend the time reading your news! So Thanks!

  3. The Muehli's

    Hey there! Thanks for mentioning us 🙂 I am addicted to google reader and read about 22 house blogs, a few dog blogs and a bunch more gardening and food blogs…now I apparently have a few more house blogs to check out. 🙂

  4. Verandahs Adelaide

    I'm very fond of home recreations too, other people's ideas surely count. Thanks for sharing them to us. I found this house simple but very attractive. The color brought a one of a kind impression, very lovely!

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    Bungalows are very convenient for the homeowner in that all living areas are on a single story and there are no stairs between living areas. A bungalow is well suited to persons with impaired mobility, such as the elderly or those in wheelchairs.

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