Martha Stewart Living AUG 07

Im a fan of Martha Stewart’s LIVING magazine and we just got her newest issue in the mail this past weekend. Nothing beats sitting out on a Sunday morning, sipping some coffee and flipping through a new issue.

Funny, I was just blogging recently about hydrangeas and Martha has some right on her front cover of the August issue.

My favorite sections are “Ask Martha” , “Do You Know?” and “Whats For Dinner.”

The Ask Martha section is for people writing in their questions. They usually have some good questions and often times helpful.

The Do You Know page has a nice mix of tidbit facts. Like this month states a 150% increase of Farmers Markets since 1994. Hey! I was just blogging about it here!

The Whats for Dinner section offers a complete course for a dinner. Sometimes I like them, sometimes I dont. They also have nice recipe cards you can cut out of you so choose.

This months “Whats For Dinner” has:

-Sliced Tomatoes with Lemon Thyme
-Creamed Corn with Parmesan
-Grilled Pork Chops and Onions
-Soft Chocolate Chip Cookies

Sounds good to me!

Thats not all LIVING has… its peppered with recipes throughout each issue, home tips, cooking tips and more. In fact it was where I learned first about the art of Faux Bois. LIVING also has gardening tips (much needed for me) and showcases a different wine each month too. I like that. She should showcase a different beer each month in my opinion 🙂

This month offers some sewing ideas, tye dye patterns, several yummy pie dessert recipes, of course a full article about the different hydrangeas and new uses for those old ice cream parlor chairs called “bentwood” chairs.

As a long time subscriber to LIVING magazine, I’ll note a few things that urks me. #1- lots of ads. This isnt bad if you dont pay too much attention to them. Make sure to subscribe, because store bought issues usually have TWICE the ads as a subscription issue from what ive found. #2- about every 3 or 4 years I’ll see a very similar article Martha has done before. Its not necessarily a bad thing, because some of the stuff she write about are important and interesting and draws new readers, but as a long time subscriber i definitely see some reoccurring subjects.

As I receive each new issue, I’ll post my thoughts on it here on our blog and let you know the high points, and any low points of each issue!


  1. Josh @ Bungalow '23

    I dig Martha, too. I don’t read LIVING, but I bought her enormous Homekeeping Handbook last year. I wish I could say I had thoroughly read and implemented it, but it’s much easier to admire Martha than to imitate her.


    Agreed. We have a few of her books and it would be nice one day to organize like she does. Ive organized my fridge once, per her advice and yup, it is a lot easier to find and maintain things. No matter what, after a couple of months, it always ends up looking like a tornado hit it 🙂

  3. mindy

    I’m a huge Martha fan too – but I hear you on the recycling of stories. She does that quite a bit, actually, between all her books and shows and the magazine. But they are good ideas, so usually I’m glad to be reminded 😉

  4. fromthepines

    Dave, I like Martha too… some neat ideas. As for your question, no I havent used french things and I need to see the movie, I havent yet even tho I have heard of it. Thanks for visiting!

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