1916home.net Featured in L.A. Times

Are we gaining notoriety? Are we gaining infamy? Maybe infamy is not the right word 🙂 lets hope we are gaining a little respect at least. This past month we were featured in the “Pardon Our Dust” blog of the Los Angeles Times newspaper: LINK HERE and listed as “Our 1916 Craftsman Bungalow”.

Im pretty well excited over this! Its funny how a house diary is reaching around the world now, OK, thats a stretch, its reaching 20 miles. Who knows, maybe our home will be in a movie. I can just imagine some names here:

-Plane, Trains, and Mobile Homes (kidding, we arent a mobile home)
-Mission Impossible IV
-Carpenter’s List
-Front Window
-Raiders of the Lost Keys
-Lord of the Shower Rings
-The Six Hundreth Thousandth Sense

OK, I’ll stop now 🙂 Sorry!

Now, if I can only get HGTV to come over and renovate everything for me 🙂

“Pardon Our Dust” covers just about everything going on in the remodel and housing area of Southern California. Its becoming a favorite of mine. Check out the LA Times blog called Pardon Our Dust here: http://latimesblogs.latimes.com/pardonourdust/


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