The Gustav Stickley Font Set

craftsman stickley font
A couple of years ago we designed and developed The Gustav Stickley Font Set. These two fonts showcase the original hand printing of the famous furniture maker & architect Gustav Stickley. Our font was adapted directly from Stickleys’ original designs and blueprints of his Craftsman furniture. The fonts contain his famous upper-case style in both “Clean Style” used in published works and also “Draft Style” used for sketches.

We have lowered the price from $23.95 to $18.95 making it more affordable and made a few updates on the font page so when placing an order, you will be able to get these fonts immediately as a digital download (a request from several people). The font includes many extra characters and right now we are including the first ever issue of Gustav Stickley’s “The Craftsman” magazine from October 1901 as a PDF. You can see samples of the fonts right here……

period design
Create period designs from the 1900’s

A perfect addition for store signs

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