Fruit Trees & Bushes

I’m serious. We just bought some fruit trees. I’m more excited than I am serious, is it coming across? YEAH! Ive been wanting to do this for quite some time now. We have a strip of land (8 feet wide) along the southern side of our house. Lots of sun and used for absolutely nothing. Ive been wondering what I could do with this space. We have no gate to the front from this side, so the whole 40 ft long area is barren. Not any more. We just purchased:

-dwarf apple tree (early season)
-dwarf peach tree
-dwarf pomegranate tree

-blueberry bush
-blueberry bush

-raspberry bush
-raspberry bush

Its a pretty good start I think to an area that goes unused. It will be our “fruit area” from now on and maybe in the future it will provide some shade on that side of the house which usually gets pretty warm in the summer months. I’ll plant these trees in 2/3 barrels over the next couple weekends and the bushes in 1/2 barrels. Even in barrels the trees will get pretty big for us… 8-10 feet tall or so. And thats plenty big enough for that space. My neighbor can pick a few if they get big enough.

We are not quite done though. I plan to pick up a late season apple tree and an orange tree as well and possibly some more blueberries and raspberries. Would be nice to get some blackberries too.

Ohh yeah. I think Im going to rip up my front yard and plant fruits and veggies. Should I do it? Did you do it? What do you think of my escapades so far?? 🙂 🙂


  1. stacymckenna

    We’re ripping out 20’+ arbor vitaes in the front by the driveway to plant fruit trees. So far I’ve got an apple and a pomegranate waiting for me to make room. I envision at least 3 more. (Wish I had room for avocados.) I’m also planting a toyon berry tree in the front lawn. The berries when dried make a tasty, chewy snack, perfect for hiking, and it’s native and low water/maintenance. Between the trees along the driveway I have artichoke seedlings waiting to go in, and eventually will add rhubarb and asparagus. Maybe if I feel adventurous I’ll even try some pineapple…

    Do it!!!

  2. 1916home

    Jill, do you have anything planted?

    Jenni – I *really* want a pear tree. Still reading up on them to pick the best one. If I had to pick between apple or pear, pears wins in my book 🙂

    Stacy – Ive never heard of a Toyon Berry. How did you come across it? One of my brothers has THEE BEST pomegranate tree. Best tasting by far. I have tried everything in my power to propagate it with no luck.

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