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I always like to share good websites I come across. This one I found from Twitter and they are now on my friends list. It is called . . .

Where you can design your house and landscaping for free with them right on the website. No need to download any special software. Below you can see two screen shots of what I designed for our house (this is a future idea). To the west (left side) is the sidewalk, front yard and front porch. You can see our fruit trees placed now along side the southern area, a back porch (which we dont have yet) and the garden laid out….

(click image for full size)

The next image below is a close up of our house. Well, what I’d like to to be. We have just a single story small bungalow…. just under 1000 square ft. It is small. But this is what it could look like if we extend the back of the house another 10 feet or so. From a 2 bedroom / 1 bath house, to a 3 bedroom / 2 bath home. I would be curious to get your take on my design. Our house is basically a rectangle in shape, with a main supporting wall down the center of it. Here it goes left to right dividing the kitchen from the bedroom and goes all the way to the front of the house. I dont have much to work with layout wise and this was one of the best designs I had found in all of my craftsman floor plan books I have.

(click image for full size)

Entering the house from the porch there would be a built-in bench seat for guests. Possibly a coat closet too. A small guest bedroom or child’s room, or even an office as the first room, with the main living room through a big open entry off to the right. The living room would include a fireplace and a built-in bookshelves. This living room would be designed with that warm, mostly all wooden living room styles of the craftsman era. A second, slightly larger bedroom for an older kid or teen near the first bathroom. The first bath room could also be easily used by dinner guests as its directly across from the dining room. A master bedroom big enough for a king size bed, includes a wall to wall / floor to ceiling his and hers built-in closets and room for an entertainment area as well as its own bathroom and french doors to the back deck. The dining room would also be in craftsman style, possibly with craftsman style wallpaper. The kitchen is large enough for the party to gather and go from dining room or living room. It could feature an island as well. As the house is just too small for its own wash room, Ive decided to put the washer and dryer in the kitchen (inside a closet or door). This is quite popular in Europe, especially Eastern Europe so Anna could get by with this idea. I would much rather have 3 br / 2 ba then make a whole room just for washing and drying. Could you live with that? Women? 🙂

So, what do you think of my house plans? Do you like them? If not, what would you change? My dad doesnt like the kitchen next to the master bedroom, but frankly I am so tight on space as it is. I’d love to have the living room connected to the dining room and the dining connected to the kitchen. I would also like to have a master bedroom with french doors going out onto the deck. And of course every cook in the kitchen wants to be close the veggie garden. Im big on having two baths so Anna can have her own space, and not share with guests. We currently have a “jack and jill” bathroom in between two bedrooms. The worst design idea EVER invented.

Check them out and have some fun! Come back tomorrow, I have another cool website I’ve been using lately!


  1. stacymckenna

    Did you intend for the master bath to open to the hall? Two baths side by side both opening to the same access seems… odd.

    I imagine you’re intending to move the entire kitchen AND bath, since you’re saying you’d be adding space to the back of the house? Spendy way to upgrade when you’re planning to only add 10′. But kudos on keeping the main support wall down the center.

    My last house was literally 25’x25′ split into 4 rooms with an apex “hall” and bath tucked between kitchen and small bath. I feel your pain with the small house.

  2. 1916home

    This layout design is with the 10 feet added. We have an entirely different, lame floor plan now that doesnt flow well. In fact, we really dont have a dining room now. Back in the 30s the back porch was enclosed and we have a low ceiling “dining room”. For now its the laundry room until we add on.

    Im also not entirely sure if its 10′ or 15′ added on to the back. I’ll have to check my drawings I did offline.

    As far as the master bath goes, I will let Anna decide if she wants hallway access or not. I dont know why I put a door on it there. It would be nicer to have less doors in that area and with no doors it would be clear to any guests which door is the bathroom.

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