Eva’s Pride Peaches

We just ate our first peaches this morning! Nope… there is no photo. We ate them before I could get the camera out. We had bought “Eva’s Pride Peach” tree a few months ago and it has several fruits already. Excellent flavor too. Our main reason for this tree is that its both A) a dwarf tree so it wont get too big, and B) has a low chill requirement good for Southern California. Websites on the internet describe Eva’s Pride as “delicious” and “sweet”. Also the tree should have vigorous growth and have regular to heavy production. Sounds good to me. I’m not a big peach eater (in fact most fruits from the store taste horrible to me) but homegrown… WOW! This peach was soooo good, I wish there was more. You literally needed a bib to eat this one peach it was so juicy and flavorful. I felt like I was ten again. Wait, I’m not 10 anymore? What the heck happened to me!

Are you growing any peaches? What varieties? Have you picked any yet?


  1. 1916home

    I highly recommend this peach! We have another peach tree, that doesnt have fruits yet (its a late season peach) and the Eva’s Pride peach is an early season one. So far, this was the best peach I have ever eaten.

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