Wow, Time Goes Quick!

The summer months are definitely upon most of us. Here in southern California it is now over 103*F or about 40*C. I look forward to nestling my feet in a nearby lake up in the mountains… the cool water gently splish-splashing everywhere. Bring along some cheese, a deck of cards and a bottle of absinthe and all will be well. I promise you that.

We have been busy with a number of things and the heat has been unbearable at times, especially with the humidity which is rare here. Our tomato garden is bursting right now and we are finally starting to get daily tomatoes. I just gave a 20 oz tomato to my neighbor last night. He was amazed and had never seen one that big. I sat pruning the tomatoes while he supplied the beer and the conversation. It turned out to be a fun night. He claims to be a Monopoly guru… little does he know I am too. Ive got a nifty computer game I practice with from time to time, especially before I know I will get into a real game. You want to know the trick to winning Monopoly? 🙂 Ready? Shhhhhh…. Be generous with your trades and try to get as many railroads as possible. Dont buy the utilities. Try to monopolize the properties in the section after the jail. And never buy more than 3 houses on each property. Those have the best return for your money. Its all statistics folks. Just like Vegas. Ohhh yah! He’s going down!

So where was I…. all the herbs are producing great. Tomatoes are coming in now. Potatoes still going, although some seem to have peetered off. Oh well. My time is so limited anymore. There is an endless list of things to do around here now! I wonder if Ive gotten myself in too deep on this lil homestead. 🙂 The blueberries are making another splash yet again… I’m liking those!

The chickens say hello. HELLO!

Another reason why posts have slowed here is because of this heat. We choose to have no air conditioning, and the heat really drains us out by the end of the day. Our electric bills rarely top $18 a month, while our neighbors are closing in on $500 a month.

One neighbor just redid the siding on their house… also added insulation in the walls so those two things have really cooled the house down for them. We will be next. I will try to do most of it myself, so you’ll see the pics and posts soon once I get going on it. They have central air, but are no longer using it! Can you believe? That alone will pay itself off, plus since we are in California, they can take advantage of the tax credits for energy efficient products like adding insulation.

I promise to post more often again… Its so dang hot! But it has been a nice break… Ive gotten a lot done in the garden and planning stages for whats next here at the house.

Look for photo blasts soon, which will fill in the blanks over the past month.

Ciao till then!


  1. Stacy McKenna

    Monopoly – Entirely! Red and range properties have the best return. I have a book somewhere that breaks them all down. Yellows are deceptively non-productive.

    Heat – it's been brutal. And with our only A/C being an evaporative cooling system, the relatively high humidity nullifies a lot of the efficiency. Fooey. I think even without the swamp cooler we'd be hard pressed to match $18/mo for power, though (we're usually closer to $75). The hardships of keeping the electric jacuzzi out back hot and clean!

    One of the first things we did in our last house was insulate the attic. I wish we'd had the resources to replace the windows and insulate the walls…

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