The Weekend Alone

This is the first weekend Ive spent alone in a long long time. Anna is in Europe and visiting family and sounds like she is having so much fun! I’d like to work on some project to surprise her when she comes back home, but I’ dont think I will have the time. I might build that picket fence if I can make it happen, but otherwise my backyard garden beckons. ANOTHER 12 pounds of tomatoes picked yesterday. I will probably get an easy 15+ pounds a week for a while now. They are really coming in! The neighbors love them so much and wait patiently for any new tomatoes. With Anna gone, I cant eat these all!

In the tomato photo I see Mortgage Lifter, Old German, San Marzano, Anna Russian, and a couple Boxcar Willies. My dad dropped over yesterday and I made some BLTs for lunch with these heirlooms… man that was the best BLT I have ever had!

In the other photos you can see the pomegranates coming in, plenty of raspberries and another pic of Bisou for all those cat lovers out there.


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