Flowbee for Pets?

I dont know where to begin with this 🙂 Many of us (or is it just me) have enjoyed putting a vacuum up to our hair and sucking it. Well, Flowbee uses the same sort of suction but with cutters. You even hook the Flowbee up to your vacuum cleaner to make it work.

So how did I get on this topic anyways? Seems sort of out of the blue doesnt it? I was chatting with my neighbor and my cat Bisou walked up to us. If you are new to the blog, there photos of Bisou all around. In the previous post, in the about us section, etc. My neighbor commented that I had not given Bisou his summer hair cut this year. Our clippers take hours to cut all that hair, and the only other option is a pet salon which is close to $90 now to clip a cats hair! Outrageous! Maybe I should do that in my spare time… there are plenty of cats in the neighborhood! She told me her friend up in San Francisco uses Flowbee to cut their cats hair and it works pretty good. I might just go pick myself up one…. unless of course you have some Flowbee horror stories. Let me know! Thanks!


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