The next month I am really busy so no daily posts (more about that later next month!) and will post more often once Anna gets back from her trip. We are missing each other a lot and Skype video just isnt the same. Kissing the monitor didnt work either. Ive got some interesting pics to post soon so check them in a day or two… I keep updating my veggie garden output in the “Garden 2009” category to the right of these blog posts. Ive just about hit 100 lbs of produce… not bad for a first real attempt at home gardening. Im proud and its probably no where near over! The neighbors are loving the food. I like the comradarie sharing fruits and veggies brings too. I recently gave a neighbor over 13 lbs of tomatoes and when I got home the next day after work my front yard was cut and trimmed, plants watered, etc. Great neighbors. This is the type of town you can go next door and ask for some sugar or eggs if you need them. Getting back to my garden…. I’m averaging about 3 lbs of tomatoes per bush right now… seems kinda low… but some plants were from transplants so they will start bearing soon enough. Some plants have given me 10 lbs, others nothing yet. Im trying to take notes on everything Im growing. That way I will have reference for next season as to what works and what doesnt. Ive tried a lot of versions how to stake plants this year, so I will cover that soon too. What works and what doesnt.

Gonna go catch some ZZZzzzz’s right now! Hope everyone is having a relaxing dog days of summer!

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