Mom & the Ouija Board

I was thinking about my mom who passed away last year. Time has flown by since that all happened. There has been a flurry of spirits in our house the past couple of years and some of them have visited us to warn us, to bother us, to inform us, or whatever. We don’t really know, but can only speculate.

There are many people in the world against the use of Ouija boards. I’m writing a book about them and ghosts in general. So, I’m not opposed to their use entirely, but realize they can bring about evil. I know this, yet I continue to use a Ouija board and attempt to prove to me its real, becuase from my view and use of a Ouija board, the spirits are very real and what Ive experienced while using a Ouija board, I can only conclude that the spirits are real and a Ouija board is a connection to the afterlife. Of course your mileage will vary.

The use of the Ouija board has very strong connotations in society, I’m not here to question your beliefs and ask you don’t question mine. But I guess since this is a blog, Im gonna get hit sooner or later 🙂 Ive lost friends becuase of my Ouija board usage. Too bad frankly. We all surround ourselves by people we are most comfortable with anyways, I suppose. For the record, I’m not a devil worshiper, I’m not in a cult, I dont practice Santeria or Voodoo (watch out brotha!)… I just happen to be able to contact spirits on a regular basis. So if you need me to contact someone for you, fire me an email HERE with some questions for the person you want me to contact and the next time I do a seance, I will attempt to contact them.

A couple days after my mom passed, family members asked me to try and contact our mom. I got out my famous old Ouija board with a few family members. My wife (who is against it), a sister, a brother and my niece. For those of you unfamiliar with Ouija boards… its a piece of wood with letters and numbers on it. It is generally used with two or more people that ask questions while touching an object that sits on top of the wooden board. This object is typically (but not always) heart shaped, or even spade shaped if you will. When questions get asked, the object everyone is touching, called a planchette, starts moving around the board to the different letters and numbers spelling out words. It is a form of “automatic writing” that was popular in the Victorian era when Spiritualism was at its peak. Most of us in the family are Christian, so our questions come from a Christian perspective. Nonetheless, its still interesting. Also, names have been changed and a few dumb questions cut out. We asked to speak with mom and here is the conversation that we recorded…. (ready?)

Q. Hello, is mom there?
A. Yes, I am here.

Q. Hi mom! Do you have a message for Dad?
A. I’m so sorry for leaving him alone.

Q. (From X) Do you have any thoughts or memories of me?
A. Making your clothes that match.

Q. What is Jesus like?
A. Believe = Yes. Looks = No

Q. What does Jesus look like?
A. Black hair like my _____.

Q. Who is _____?
A. The nickname I had for Dad, he got mad whenever I called him that.

Q. (From X) I’m sorry I didn’t get to do your hair.
A. My hair is ugly.

Q. Who did you meet when you passed over?
A. Joseph and Mary (they were my parents premies who died in the 1960s).

Q. Are they babies?
A. Oh Yes!

Q. Do you have any fond memories of dad?
A. When dancing years ago, I said he had 2 left feet, but he was a good dancer.

Q. Did you meet your parents?
A. Yes, and I missed them for so long.

Q. What is Heaven like?
A. You just know.

Q. (From me, Dave) Can you put in a good word for me? 🙂
A. Don’t I always?

The board spelled out “rose”.

Q. What is the significance of the word “rose”?
A. The first flower your dad ever gave me.

Q. (From Z) “Y” misses you.
A. I am with her.

Q. Is there reincarnation?
A. If you have unfinished business.

Q. What is Heaven?
A. I can’t explain – it’s more than what you want.
A. It’s wonderful.

Q. (From Z) We have different beliefs. I’m (insert religion here) – will I go to Heaven too?
A. My God is your God

Q. Any message to Dad?
A. I love him so.

Q. Anything to comfort Dad?
A. He will be OK.

Q. Will we be able to hear you later on? Will you be with us?
A. I will protect you.

Q. (From X) Anything to say to me?
A. My little X – take care of Baby G – she is a blessing – granddaughters are fun.

Q. How can we better ourselves?
A. Trust in the Lord.

Q. Are you still close to us here on earth?
A. I am more distant. Goodbye.

So that was it. What do you think about this? I’m curious for any input… good and bad, I don’t care. The topic fascinates me so I’m open to any communication about this. Ghosts, spirits, Ouija boards, etc. Did we really contact my mom? It does feel like it. The answers and remarks felt like her and not some 20 year old. The nickname my mom used for my dad did not match. He doesn’t remember mom ever calling him that. Our dad was not around when we did this, nor does he know anything about it. No one has attempted to contact mom since. We really don’t want to bother her. She is probably enjoying her margarita’s up there anyways! Take care mom. We all miss you!


  1. Mist

    It's always so moving to me when someone tried to contact a deceased loved one. I think the most important thing, regardless of whether people believe that the Ouija is evil, or a tool for evil, or whatever, is that you and your family felt some happiness at being able to communicate with your mother.

    I lost my mother when I was 21 (she was only 38), and it was the most horrendous day of my life. I never tried to contact her, though I thought of it many times. A couple years after my mom died, an old high school classmate whom I had barely known contacted me and told me that she had encountered my mother through EVP. I was astounded and very emotional about the whole thing. I don't care what anyone else's opinion is on the matter, I know that for me, hearing that my mother wasn't totally *gone* and wanted to be in touch with me too was so very special.

    That was, perhaps, a really long way of saying that I think the Ouija is a helpful psychological tool (if not something more). My apologies for the length of this comment. 🙂


    Thanks for your comment. Very interesting. Ive heard of EVP and tried it a few times, although I dont think I knew what I was doing. I did get my sister to try it and she was in her room, by herself, with the sound turned up all the way on her computer with her ears next to the speakers to pick up any faint noises. She was already very nervous waiting to hear something! She forget she was still logged into Yahoo messenger and someone on her list went offline and a big loud door shutting sound rang through her speaks and into her fragile state of mind. I remember clearly I was at Target buying something with my wife and my sister called me all panting and freaked out. Its funny to talk about it now 🙂 but she was on the verge of a breakdown! Ha!

    I think the jury is still out on the ouija board. A lot of people like myself have easy ability to contact people and get clear precise answers. Ive yet to come across any negative spirits. There are some researchers in UK and elsewhere who try to debunk the board, and they make a big show out of it with a prime time viewing hour, some magic mixed in, some slight of hand and next thing you know they prove the board is a fake. I dont really know. It works for me and thats all I can really say. Do I believe I am contacting departed people? Yes.

  3. Stacy McKenna

    I have too many friends who feel/believe in "woo-woo" (their designation, not mine) for me to categorically dismiss things like Oija boards. Personally I am "headblind", psychically insensitive, essentially. But blindness does not disprove the existence of colors.

    Whether there is anything of truth to Oija boards or tarot cards or anything else is fairly irrelevent to me. I consider them akin to most other religious ritual (I'm Lutheran, fyi) – they are a form of meditation, rites and rituals that encourage thought and self-analysis and reflection and even growth where we might otherwise just blunder forward in the same old ruts without processing things that are beneficial for us to process.

  4. 1916home

    I think for some people, we just have to work at being more psychically sensitive.

    Stacy – I hope you are safe from the fires. Your approach to things like tarot or ouija sounds like a healthy viewpoint to me.

    BTW, Ive had 3 people now unsubscribe to the blog shortly after this post aired.

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