The Fires & Smoke of Southern California

The fires near us have been contained and we are no longer threatened, although we are only 8 blocks from the foothill mountains. But the Southern California fires near Mt. Wilson Observatory and just north of Pasadena are raging and growing. The thick smoke that blankets Los Angeles continues to get worse.

We had a layer of ash on the cars this morning and last night the house was so hot (no A/C) I had three fans pumping in the outside air, which was still warm. Around 2am the smoke outside really got bad and I was really just pumping in smoke into the house. I shut everything closed and turned the fans off, but could never really fall back asleep. The temps have been around 100-110 every day which has made my secret project for Anna (sssssshhh!) much more difficult to work on.

So how are the pets doing? They are surviving. On the weekends I let the two cats free range around the backyard all day. Usually they enjoy it and go after bugs and lounge around. This weekend was different. The smoke + heat really effected them. Bisou our grey tiger boy was sprawled out under some tall grass and trees in the shade and not moving much. In fact he wouldnt listen to me when I called his name (not like he ever listens anyways). Usually you will perk his ears and slightly open his eyes. But this time he didnt so I turned him over and petted him. He didnt want to move and looked wiped out so I did what all cats love… I got a garden house with nice cold water and soaked him good. Boy was he ever pissed off, but it really brought him back to life. He spent the rest of the day nice and cool and cleaned himself.

Lets hope and pray these firefighters dont lose anymore lives and they battle the fires successfully. Good luck guys.

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