The Start of the Project

When I started this renovation project, I knew what I wanted to do, I knew I only had 5 weeks to make it happen (a surprise afterall) and everything really needed to fall into place for this whole shebang to work out.

The project started with my dad, sister and I heading out for a beer to discuss the project. I knew I would have to start looking for a bathtub soon, as I wanted the clawfoot style bathtub. I was set on a cast iron tub and didnt matter too much if it was old that had to be re-glazed, or a new one. Most of the new tubs Ive seen are chinese made and start out at about $1500 or so. I was headed in this direction, becuase all of the old tubs I had come across so far were short at 4 to 5 ft lengths. Credit to my sister for suggesting Craigslist. I often forget about them becuase I usually dont have any luck with anything there. Being in the Los Angeles area, anything Ive seen on Craigslist is already gone by the time I call. I checked for clawfoot tubs and found a new one about a half hour drive away. The price was very good, but it had a side center fill/drain, as opposed to the normal end drain. I wasnt sure if thats what I wanted. We called, it was still available and headed out the next day to look at it in my dads MightyMax little truck. We used to have a heavy duty Chevy family truck that carried a camper and went all around the US a few times when we were kids, but that truck got used less and less, started having more problems, etc so we eventually sold it. Boy I could sure use a big truck now 🙂 After checking the tub, I loved it. A brand new tub made in Portugal (not china) that was sitting and collecting dust in the sellers garage. They were more than happy to get rid of it. I was more than happy to take it! I definitely felt lucky and glad I checked Craigslist.

With this little MightyMax truck we managed to get the tub home and into the backyard.

Demolition began that same day. In the photo below, you can see where I marked out some ideas on the old wall….

Out would come the old section of the wall in the living room…

In the last photo standing in the living room, you can now see the two bedroom closets, which would later become the entryway to all three rooms… the bathroom and two bedrooms.

We used a sledge hammer for demo work and more importantly we used different sizes of pry bars to get the wall off and ripped down to the studs. We had one electrical wire which came from the floor furnance to a digital control panel on the wall. I unhooked everything and with all the insulation I doubt we will use our furnance anymore. We barely used it last season.

The story continues tomorrow!


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