The Renovation Mess

Removing walls & removing the lath and plaster was relatively easy, but extremely messy as you can see by one of the photos below. We had big piles of rubble in every room. It took a lot of work *after* the tear down to clean out the rubble. We ended up dragging trash cans through the kitchen to the backyard or shovels of rubble out the windows into waiting trash cans and wheel barrels. What a mess. This was the worst part of the whole renovation for me. Once we finished all of this work, we would be able to start insulating the walls and running new electrical wires.

Make sure to cover EVERYTHING and better yet, box up everything and store it someplace, like in your garage before even starting something like this.

Here is Julie soaking in some of the heat put off by the lamp….

With all the craziness going on, the tomatoes just keep coming in. We had many beer & BLT parties during the renovation…
Here is an Anna Russian tomato coming in…. awesome…
Tune in tomorrow for more photos!

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