How to Save 1/3 Energy Costs

What do you expect from a blog anyways? The secret to free energy?? OK, that will be coming up in a future post, so look for it. Maybe you wont save 1/3 off of your energy bills by unscrewing one light bulb, but anything helps, right? I notice several of our other light fixtures (like ceiling fans) also have a bulb burnt out, so we are REALLY doing our part without trying too hard 🙂

Until then, here is a photo of our light fixture in our newly renovated bathroom. It is a dark bronze with opaque white glass shades. I picked these up during the renovation when I got an email in my inbox from Restoration Hardware offering 30% off. Apparently, the dark bronze wasnt a popular color, but it was just what I needed. You can also see the Lowe’s  medicine cabinet I sunk into the wall to make it more flush and the illusion that bathroom is more airy instead of a 7 inch deep medicine cabinet protruding from the wall. The particular cabinet was a bit on the cheap side barely nicer than the Home Depot ones) but this was under $100. The best ones cost $500 or more which was out of my price range.

Sorry, but I ran out of time to post our dresser reveal. Will have to wait until tomorrow!

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