I Cant Sleep

I keep thinking about that fence I need to build and that sprinkler system I need to put in to save on water and save me some time too. I keep thinking about how hot its been inside the house during the day when outside temps hit 100+ degrees. We have no A/C. I keep thinking about our garden too. 

Doesnt that dessert above look extremely juicy and appetizing? Well, it sure as h*ll was!!! The shortcake we baked at home in the skillet and topped with our own berries and strawberries, plus homemade whipped cream…. DELICIOUS! No need to add sugar in the whipped cream, the berries did all the sweet talking here (click the image to see it full size if you’re hungry).

This morning for breakfast I juiced several of our carrots, a melon, a cucumber, a bell pepper and mixed it in with my super greens powder (from ShenTrition). I had so much energy all day, I ended up not eating anything the rest of the day. Well, until my espresso here at midnight. The garden is bursting. Theres only two of us. My neighbors get fresh veggies too. We cant keep up, things are growing so well.

So in thinking about the garden, and how it is exploding with fruits and veggies… I realized we havent gone to the grocery store for fresh food for a while now. I mean… I dont even recall when it last was. Probably a month ago? We just eat what the garden deems ready and necessary. Lots of tomatoes with fresh mozzarella and basil leaves lately 🙂

This is a testament to our hard work. Now, I cannot imagine life without a home garden. There is nothing better in life than to slow down, relax, and eat from God’s earth. Nothing better in the world!

Postscript… We have easily surpassed last years harvest. Our new goal is 200 lbs of produce!


  1. AJK

    Espresso will keep you up! hehe… Lovely dessert pic! We were eating mostly from our garden too! The only things we didn't have growing that we purchased from the Farmer's Market were Celery, Cabbage and Avocados. We haven't gone to a Grocery Store for fresh produce in 4 months! (OK, we go to Whole Foods for organic meats and sometimes get some blueberries)

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