I am a Cheater

Ive been caught!!! Im confessing now to the whole wide world. You will all hate me. There is nothing worse than to be labeled a cheater…. so? Ladies? Gardening Guys? Is this forgivable???

Wow! Ive cheated and put my garden on water timers 🙂 Life is going to be so much easier. Have you done this? No longer do I need to waste time watering! Timers and soaker hoses are going to allow me to do other stuff around the garden and give me much needed valuable time.


  1. Stacy McKenna

    I force myself to water by hand because otherwise I never check on my plants, and I totally don't see how they're doing or when there's a problem. If you can get yourself into the garden to tend the plants without having to water, I say go the efficient route!

  2. dave

    I hear you! Im checking the garden daily so Im not too concerned, but if I can save 10, 20, 30 minutes each day that means an extra blog post, and extra fix to the house, testing a new recipe, etc.

    Just adding in a soaker hose has really helped keep the weeds at bay. Weeding is never fun! So Im getting all the great benefits of home grown, with a lot less work. 🙂

  3. Jamie

    I looove that our watering system waters our plants automatically. We wouldn't be able to have a garden without it.

    The part that I don't like is that the pipes are underground and when we have a problem such as a leak….it is a big pain to find and fix.

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