Smart Meters Are Dangerous

There. I said it. So where do I begin this blog post. In case you are unaware, many utility companies in America are replacing the electric meters on peoples homes. The reasoning from the electric companies is the new meters will cut electricity use, help the environment, and help pinpoint problems faster. Sounds fine and dandy, I know.

Well, I had one installed about a month ago and I havent been able to concentrate lately. Sounds silly, believe you me, but Im highly sensitive to electromagnetic pollution. I cant be around those spiral CFL light bulbs for very long or I will get huge migraines.

What these new smart meters do is emit sharp bursts of radiation every 45 seconds, 24 hours a day thats roughly two to three times the intensity of a cell phone. If you think I’m nuts, Im sure many of you have seen the ’60 Minutes’ and 20/20 style episodes where entire neighborhoods had higher cancer rates because they lived near power lines. I know, these new meters are not like a whopping power line, but no one really knows their effects. I went from a meter that a meter reader had to check once a month, to a computer thats sending out radiation every minute all day long. Imagine if someone lived in an apartment with a bank of 40 meters, and their children slept on the other side of the wall?

Electromagnetic Fields are Cancer Initiating & Cancer Promoting

Wi-fi Makes Trees Sick

There are other concerns with these new digital smart meters. What about privacy? If they are wireless, they can surely be hacked. Im sure Google, or Microsoft, or other retailers would love to know how you use your electricity. Your privacy is going to be bought and sold once again.

How Private is Your Smart Data?

Smart Meters Raise Privacy Concerns

To top things off, these new meters tend to record or use more electricity than their old counterparts. Which means you’ll get screwed with a higher electric bill. San Francisco ABC7 did a special about it…

Come to think of it, as a taxpayer getting the smelly end of all the government deals the past few years, you know we are going to end up paying for the installation of all these meters with tax increases and rate hikes.

So where will all the meter reader jobs go once these new electronic meters are in place and no one needs to come by anymore? No one stopped to think about that one, did they. What about the undemocratic process of installing or not installing these? When did I get my say in this? The next thing you know they changed my meter.

I have no idea how to get my old meter back. If its even possible. My long term goal of getting off the grid and going solar and wind power has been exponentially sped up at this point so I can detach myself from this fraudulent system.

More Concerns…

From Maine to Tallahassee to Oregon and many cities throughout California, people are standing up and rejecting these new smart meters. One man leading the fight here in CA is Joshua Hart. He runs a blog with many more details:

Electromagnetic pollution is real and something that should be looked at more closely. What steps can we take? You can write to you local officials warning them of the dangers. If you dont already have a smart meter, you may be able to opt out. I already dont use a cellphone. I will also seriously consider running hard lines for our internet service, instead of using wi-fi throughout the house. And maybe dig out that old Western Electric model 500 desk phone and connect it back up, getting rid of our cordless phones.

Consider taking the “Prove-It” challenge and unplugging yourself for a few days, or weeks and see if you feel better. Check it out…

Big thanks go out to Josh Hart for doing something about this and for Katherine Albrechts radio show that recently had him on.


  1. AJK

    Wow…this is SCARY… we just had ours changed a few months ago… the new smart meter is on the corner of my mom's bedroom…. I hesitate to tell her about the radiation… she may freak out and have us find a way to rip it out…I've been wanting to go off grid… this is a good reason to!

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