Katherine Albrechts Pan Grease Recipe

The recipe works awesome for cast iron cookware. Since we dont use harmful aluminum pots or pans, we have mostly cast iron and some stainless steel cookware. Personally, I like cast iron as it soaks up some of the excess moisture in food that is cooking. Ive noticed when making french onion soup from scratch, you can cook down the ingredients much faster with cast iron.

But cooking with cast iron is tricky! How many of us have had pancake batter or an egg practically super glue itself to the cast iron pan? I’ll raise my hand on that 🙂 You can buy pre-seasoned cast iron, but that only helps for a period of time. Ive read many places of people seasoning their cast iron pans themselves with a long drawn out baking process on low heat in the oven. Its time consuming.

A better option Ive found is to use a pan grease recipe for cast iron. Listening to radio host Dr. Katherine Albrecht, she finally let out her secret recipe. I recently bought the ingredients and gave it a try… WORKS GREAT! Here is the recipe…

– 1 jar coconut or palm oil (about 14oz)
– 1/3 to 1/2 cup of lecithin

Heat up a pan on very low heat and scoop all of the coconut oil into the pan. This melts very easily, so while thats melting, measure your lecithin and add it into the melting coconut oil. Stir until all is completely melted. Mine never got very hot so I poured it into a couple of jars. I recommend refrigerating the new recipe.

Any time you need to cook, just spread a very thin layer onto your cast iron!

notes: coconut oil is easier to find than palm oil. its a spreadable solid. I used organic soy lecithin (the only soy i let into my house), but you could find lecithin made from egg also. its rare, so if you really want it, you may have to do some hunting.

Happy safer cooking!

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