One Mans Junk…

…Is actually my junk now. Thats right. I found this old rickety chair along the side of the road, ready for the trash man in the morning. It does look like junk, but its the kind of junk that has a lot to say. A closer examination of this old chair reveals it was put together with scrap pieces of wood and its quite possible it was made in haste. I can only imagine and older unskilled gentleman put this chair together many years ago to rest his aching back from working the orange groves that used to proliferate in the area that I live.

The chair itself is of a simple design. It only took 18 pieces of wood to make this chair long ago. I am planning to reproduce this chair soon and put some extra care into the joints so it lasts a long time. Its not a very big chair, but one that people would surely want to try out and sit in.

Today was one of those perfect days in the back yard. The breeze was just right, the puffy clouds were scattered so… the mint in the garden made for an excellent tea. Later on into the afternoon the clouds gathered a more dark ominous thought about them, while some old WWII P-51 Mustang war birds buzzed by.

Ohhh what a joy it would be to sit in a chair made by hand! A proud delight would prevail anytime a neighbor or friend would choose to sit in my humble chair. God Bless the USA!

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