1916HOME Christmas Cookie Cookbook

Wow ohhh WOW! We finally did it! It has taken us ALMOST A YEAR to complete, but we have finally finished our Christmas Cookie Cookbook with over 150 Christmas cookie recipes inside.

You will enjoy many of my family favorites which have been brought back to life from old hand written notes in German or Polish languages. One of the best flaky pie dough recipes you will ever make is worth the price of this book alone! The best tasting peanut brittle and our Traditional Swiss Gingerbread recipe will keep you busy and looking for more great recipes within our book.

With so much time and effort (and sleepless nights) that has gone into this book, I want to sell it for $20 each. I am marking down until Christmas Day for only $10.95 which I think is an absolute DEAL.

Beautifully styled in the PDF version, the book design will bring you back 100 years as if you are opening an old classic recipe book uncovered from within the walls of our 1916HOME house. Each recipe has its own page making it easy to print one recipe and take notes for future baking. The EPUB version which is meant for portable devices like the Kindle, Nook, and iPad features an easy to use Table of Contents whisking you to whichever chapter you desire. Our eBook provides over 150 time-tested Christmas Cookie Recipes, that you can bake for Christmas, family reunions, Thanksgiving or simply to have fun in your kitchen with your children or relatives.

I am now working on the hardback edition which wont be ready in time for this Christmas, but the EBOOK version ** IS ** available! Click our ad below to go the website.

I sincerely hope our Christmas cookie recipes become a family favorite in your home each Christmas !


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