The Weekend Goes Fast

Weekends go by so fast. Maybe Im just too busy lately to notice even having a weekend? This weekend I did ZILCH on the house, I was so busy with finishing up and releasing our new Christmas Cookie Cookbook (click the ad to the right if interested). If you love baking I think you will love our new recipe ebook. There are about 150 different cookie recipes in there, many I translated from German or Polish. There is a whopping 15 chapters ranging from rolled cookies, drop cookies, refrigerator cookies and even low carb cookies… there is definitely something for everyone in here. Plus you will be supporting independent authors too and feel good about it. If you order from us directly you will get a nicely styled PDF version and an EPUB version for viewing on Nook, iPad or Kindle. Our ebook should arrive on portable devices very soon and we now start the long arduous process of getting it into printed form for sale on store shelves.

So thats what I did on our anniversary 🙂 No rest for the weary huh? I know… not very romantic! Seven years already! Wow, it seems like we just got married!

If you have never known about it, we also sell the handmade Gustav Stickley Font. It is a true Craftsman Font that can be used for that key authentic look on a project you are working on. We have sold it for most of this year at half price. We are currently refreshing it, cleaning it up and adding more characters to the set. Around the new year we will be re-releasing it and raising the price back up. If you were ever considering purchasing it, now would be a great time. You get free updates on it for life, so if you had previously purchased from us, we will be emailing you the new versions when they become available soon. How cool is that huh? If only new car purchases worked that way!

There are some great websites I use often and love to pass them on. I hope they can be of some use to you!

Wunderlist is a GREAT site I use every day. I have lists and notes for everything and Im very organized now thanks to this (well, at least it looks like Im organized)… is a super simple site to share a file with anyone. No registration needed….

Rick Steves has a great travel website. Excellent TV show (watch all his shows on Hulu) and even a radio podcast I love to listen to…

Here are two interesting websites I have not seen hop the pond yet into America (both are British sites).

Rent your backyard out to people looking for a campground…

Rent your items. Tools, kitchen appliances, cars, clothes, you name it and you can rent it!

Do you think those could ever do well here in the USA?

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