Smart Meters Are STILL Dangerous

About a year ago I did an expose about Smart Meters and their potentially harmful emissions. You can read about it here:

A year has passed now and I can tell you I am embarrassed to say I really havent done anything about it, and yet…. my health continues to decline ever since our smart meter was installed.

Initially I did make several calls to my local electric company, took notes, wrote down names and phone numbers only to be jostled around and shoveled from one department to another. I ended up moving on and forgot all about the smart meter problem.

I was recently looking at my electric bill online and notice they now offer an “opt-out” for a FEE! They will charge me to replace the meter which never needed replacing, then charge me a monthly fee for using the old style analog meter! WHAT A CROCK!

Its time to DO SOMETHING…. ANYTHING…. Watch the videos below. My first step this weekend is going to be installing some aluminum screening around my smart meter (video link #1 down below). Apparently this works better than say using some foil. Thats my first step and I will keep everyone reading informed.

Are you concerned about the “Smart Meters”? Here are some interesting videos.

Foiling a Smart Meter with Aluminum mesh screening…

Bees, bats, & no more honey because of PG&E Smart Meter…

And if you dare, Replacing a smart meter with a safe analog meter…!

If you would like to learn more and get involved, please start here:


  1. Anonymous

    Please stop spreading misinformation. Your cell phone and microwave oven emit much more radiation than smart meters. There have been numerous double blind tests with placebos performed. And based on these tests' results, the World Health Organization concluded there is no known scientific basis for the belief that electromagnetic hypersensitivity is caused by exposure to electromagnetic fields. In trials, subjects who believed they had such sensitivity experienced the same symptoms whether exposed to real or fake electromagnetic fields.


    Just curious… would that be the same World Health Organisation that tried to vaccinate millions of Ukrainian babies a couple of years ago, only for some babies to die and Ukrainians protested and had an uprising? The same WHO that accepted donations from a known eugenicist, Ted Turner (of TNT and CNN fame) for those vaccinations. Ted Turner has called for mass world population reduction. Google it for yourself. You cannot make this stuff up. From 7 billion to 500 million. Thats a huge chunk of people he wants wiped off this planet. He said it in an Audubon article a few years ago. Go find it for yourself.

    John P Holdren, Obamas current science adviser also wrote about population control in his 1977 book "Ecoscience".

    I would believe independent, homegrown, & grassroots studies long before I believe whatever the World Health Organization wants me to believe.

    Its easy to be Anonymous, isnt it. No links, nothing to back up your claims, just pure disinfo. I think people dont buy whatever governments and the main stream media keep telling people anymore. Why do you?

  3. AJK

    Hi 1916home, I know that Ee,eM,eF(sp) stuff is bad, my Mom is getting sick because she is sleeping right by it (her room is the one the meter is on). I called the eclectrick(sp) company to have them take it off, but they said some mumbo jumbo about how there's a mtg and they will decide on that in the near future. The lady I spoke with said we'll be placed on a waiting list of sorts. I know I have issues with WaiFai(sp) as well. I think I need to get an old fashioned modem router hub(I didn't buy this new wifi system). I wonder if I can buy one still these days… I try to limit my sell(sp) phone interactions since they give me major headaches. I sit in line with the smmmmarrt(sp) meter and I know that can't be good. Your article about Gubbercement(sp) Poi-zoneing(sp), I think is true. We ought to get together and discuss. Please post me a comment, and leave me your email. I screen my comments, and I won't post your email.



    I forgot to mention to "Anonymous"… I dont even OWN a microwave oven and although I have a cell phone, I use it rarely and use a wired headphone set to keep the phone as far away from my being as possible.


    Happy New Year AJK! Why dont you try the simple action of putting up some wire mesh on and around your smart meter? The worst that can happen is the electric company will have to come and manually read your meter. Its $5-$10 fix and one that might well for for the interim.

    I also recommend blogging about your problems. The more people who notice a difference in their health the more info that will be out there for others. If you grow your own veggies for health, it makes sense to protect yourself from EMF and other hazardous signals.

    Disconnecting from wifi is pretty easy, but can be time consuming running the wires. There is a great alternative out there now for about $50 which can turn your electrical lines in your home into wired router lines. It probably costs about the same when all is said and done then if you bought CAT5 cable and ran it all around in your house.

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