Vinegar is better than Monsanto RoundUp

We had the opportunity recently to visit some friends trying to get a small urban farm up and running a couple hours east of Los Angeles. In talking with the owners we got onto the subject on Monsanto, the seed company that is patenting its seeds and creating genetically modified organisms (GMO). They told me of a better solution to use on weeds instead of Monsanto products.

If you dont know much about Monsanto, now is the time to learn. Monsanto is working hard to alter and control the worlds food supply. Many countries have already banned GMO foods. Here are a few other dangerous things Monsanto is known for: saccharin, sulfuric acid, polystyrene, DDT herbicide, Agent Orange, Aspartame (NutraSweet), bovine growth hormone (BST), PCBs, RoundUp and plenty more. They have a deep dark history.

They are well known for patenting pesticides like RoundUp that work with certain crops. For example, RoundUp Ready CORN2 is used to kill weeds surrounding GMO corn, but wont kill the corn since the corn is engineered to withstand the chemicals. You cannot use RoundUp Ready CANOLA on corn crops… it just wont work.

There is also a RoundUp product for consumers to use on weeds which has been around for decades. I grew up with an entire neighborhood of dads spraying this stuff on their weeds! But there is a better choice, a much cheaper and safer choice. Its called VINEGAR!

I decided to give our friends tip a try the other day. I put some vinegar in a spray bottle and generously sprayed a weed in front of my work. Not even 24 hours later the result is the photo above. The weed had shrivelled up and browned… ready to be swept away with a broom. Give it a try next time you are fighting weeds.

Educate yourself on Monsanto too. There are several excellent documentaries available to rent at your local video store, DVD kiosk or online rental service.


Those are excellent documentaries. If you prefer to read up instead, check out this link:


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