Measuring and Cutting the Arbor

You can read the first post about the arbor HERE. You can see my first sketch below. I drew this design based on a number of home improvement books and browsing various websites for ideas. You can see some of my notes calling for bolts as opposed to screws and if I would prefer trim or gussets near the top.

I made a decision early on with this project to do a bunch of grunt work ahead of time. Measuring, Cutting and Painting the arbor. I knew I would need help lifting the 2×6 beams with some of them being 10 feet long. So I thought it would be beneficial to do what I could ahead of time on my own and then when the arbor was ready to go up I would get some much needed help hoisting the heavy pieces.

I went ahead and took a ton of measurements (and then some) and made my cuts to the lumber. The top header piece which would attach to the house I notched so the short cross beams would rest onto the header flush. I think it looks nice.

I did all of my measuring and cuts on one weekend over the course of a few hours and did the painting the following weekend. I purchased the last can of oil based paint in my local Home Depot. The state of California has taken them off all of the shelves.

The painting of several long pieces, plus all of the shorter cross beams took a good portion of a day… probably a good 4 hours. Next up… pouring the arbor foundation.

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