Pouring the Arbor Foundation

Before I get going this morning I just want to say… Im not a construction expert, but this is how I did this project. Buyer beware 🙂 If you learn anything from my posts it will probably be my errors 🙂

Ive poured concrete for post holes before on our side fence I did a couple years ago. I just dug a hole, put in the post and poured the concrete. The finished product looked messy so I wanted to do something different this time around since this was going to be in the front garden. I decided to get a form tube.

I dug my hole with a post hole digger fairly quickly since our soil was most from the garden. This would be difficult if the soil was hard or really compacted. The tube slipped right in. I think I paid around $6 for a four foot cardboard tube. I decided to cut the tub down to three feet, which turned out to be a mistake. Why? Well, my hole was three feet deep and my tube was now three feet deep putting the top of my  form slightly above ground level. If I did it over again I would have dug a bit deeper and had the form rise six inches above ground, keeping any potential water damage to a minimum.

So anyways… life goes on and I learned a big lesson. Mixing and pouring concrete is simple. Just add water. What… do you want photos of that? :p After I poured in the concrete, I leveled my post bracket with some pieces of wood until the concrete solidified slightly. The $5 level I purchased at Ace Hardware was worth every dime. It made it really easy to monitor the straightness of the bracket.

It rained and I allowed the concrete more time to set. I was not in a big hurry. It came out great and is really sturdy.

Next up… Building the arbor.

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