Building the Arbor

Now that I have all of my pieces measured, cut, and painted… and the arbor foundation poured and ready, I was ready for a sunny day to get to work.

First was the header with the notches in them. It went just above the window frame…

Next went the two cross pieces going from the house to the 4×4 post. A short piece and then a long piece. These were secured with a few screws at first. It was already stable. I then ran the other short and long pieces to the 4×4 post. This was going up pretty quick.

I drilled a hole all of the way through each of the two pieces and 4×4 post and put a bolt through and tightened it all up. Wow! Solid as a rock. Next went the rest of the short pieces held together by 90 degree steel angle brackets on either side of each board on the top of the long beams. The upright short beams are very stable and you cant see the brackets from down below…

And that is basically it…

I have a few basic things to finish up yet. I want to do whats called box trim boots down at the bottom of the 4×4 post to cover up the metal bracket in the concrete. I also am still considering the gusset beam or trim work on the upper part of the4x4 post. The gusset seems like it would detract too much from the entire arbor. What would you do?

Some final notes here:

– By doing 95% of my cuts beforehand it made this assembly of the arbor fast
– I built this arbor so we can plant a beautiful wisteria to grow on
– In time we hope it will also provide some shade to the front window
– When looking out of the window the arbor provides a nice security blanket type of feeling, something we did not expect

Im very thankful for the help of one key individual. Without that person it would have been difficult to raise beams and get feedback as I did this project. A few beers are in order!


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