Enjoying the Cherries

We have worked hard the past few years in the garden, deciding and picking the fruit trees that will last us a lifetime. We have two cherry trees in the backyard. We have both the Mini Royal Cherry and Royal Lee Cherry which work together so we get these luscious berries.

We dont mind the birds picking a few but this year Mr Bird introduced Mrs Bird to our trees and the invited their friends who invited their children. We had a bunch of birds in our trees picking at the cherries. The birds are smart too… they only eat the ripe ones! We ended up buying a net and have covered the tree now to keep the birds at bay and it works.

We have been eating bowls of cherries every day now for the past week and we are almost at a point where we have to give them to neighbors the trees are so full. The best cherries Ive ever had. So much juicier then the ones in the stores.

I love it. This is why we planted them! Care for a bowl?


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