Fruits In the Garden

Here are a few photos from our garden. I took the liberty and had some fun editing them.

Our Anna Apples are coming in strong. Its producing apples a bit smaller than fist sized and they are juicy and delicious. Not bad for California. So many things to do.. eat them straight, juice them, or maybe make an apple pie! What would you do?

We have two peach trees. An early one thats producing several peaches a day for us now, and a later one that doesnt have fruit yet. We love eating these straight… the best peaches Ive ever had!

 We have a nice patch of raspberries growing that gives us plenty. Probably a small handful every day. They are juicy and sweet and great to pop in the mouth early in the morning or after a long day of work. if you click the photo and look at it bigger, you’ll notice other raspberries hiding in the background of all the leaves.

 I never had luck with our strawberries in the ground. Critters always ate them, they would wilt quickly if the watering wasnt just right, etc. Now in half barrels we get a few bright red ripe stawberries every single day. I saved the last several days batches to put on my cottage cheese pancakes this morning! Delicious! I will post the recipe soon. Its popular in eastern europe. High in protein, low in fat and much better for you then regular pancakes.

OK, OK… one more apple shot….

We also have blackberries, grapes, blueberries, pomegranates, oranges, mandarins and lemons doing very well! The goal for us is to have a low work, high output garden 🙂 Its turning out pretty good so far.

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