It’s Not Coffee

These last several years I’ve tried to eat healthier foods, sometimes I screw up and eat some delicious french fries or as many of you have read… some great pizza. The frozen pizza or Pizza Hut pizza is loaded with who knows what and thats one reason why Ive worked hard to make my own pizzas… I know exactly what goes in it. Home made pizza dough, home made sauce from the tomatoes in the garden, fresh basil, etc. I know what it is, unlike the store bought brands that have all sorts of stuff like anti freeze, hormones, and saw dust. No thanks.

About a month ago I made a push to really crack down on all foods I eat. I havent had a Coke or coffee (or espresso) for over a month now and I really feel great. I went through some serious caffeine withdrawals, but pulled through it all… Severe headaches for a couple of days. Not a good time!

Anyways, these days in place of caffeine Im drinking Teeccino with almond milk. Teeccino is brewed just like coffee and made from natural things like carob,  barley, chicory, dates, almonds and figs. Its caffeine free, non acidic, high in potassium and its a nice little energy boost from the nutrients, not from stimulants like caffeine.

When I get a moment I will be posting some of the different health conscious changes I am making. Hope to hear what you have to share about positive healthy foods too!

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