Simple and Stackable 2×4 Sawhorse

Forgive me for forgetting where I saw this originally. It may have been on another house blog or on the This Old House website. Im here to tell you how great this is and how easy it is to build.

These sawhorses have been my friend for a good year now. You’ll find many designs online to build your own sawhorse, but I found this design to be the best. Some websites had different lengths for legs compared to the I-beam, but I made it simple by purchasing just enough eight foot 2×4 lumber to build these (actually one of them was made completely from scrap pieces).

To make two sawhorses made from 2x4s you will need 5 pieces that are 8ft long each. Cut these down to 32″ pieces and you’ll have one pc. extra.

The image above says it all, so click on it to see it full screen. Make your I-beam first with 3 pieces. drywall style screws that are 4″ long work fine which I used for one and I used framing nails for the other sawhorse. Both have stood the weather and test of time and are still sturdy. Three nails or screws spread across the top bar, then flip over to finish the I-beam.

After creating the beam, nail or screw the legs as shown in the photo. I used 4 nails/screws per leg.

Since this is all stuff I had on hand I was done in a half hour. These stack well for storage (or apparently in the middle of the backyard!) and you can even re-enforce them by nailing some plywood to the legs on the outside. Still stackable. I ended up not do this as my backyard is not very even and and the slight ‘give’ of nails/screws make it easier to find a nice level spot. I use them as is or with a piece of plywood on top as a table.

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