Learn Some Basic Knots

As I do more and more work on the house, I’m always running to the lumber yard to pick up something. While its fun to load up the roof rack with lumber, its always a pain to tie it down. I used to do the knot bundle… basically 10 granny knots in a row and cross my fingers all was fine, but I got smart and bought some of those bright orange cinch downs with the big hooks at the end. While they do work great, Ive found the hooks too big to use on my roof rack and the handles for cinching down the load have lost their rubber and those handles are hard to undo once I get home. I always need to use a screwdriver or some other tool to release the tension.

In looking for a better (and cheaper) alternative, I decided to pick up my trusty old Boy Scout handbook and learn some knots again. There are some great knots in there for sure and it helped get me motivated to learn my knots. I have two favorite knots now for cinching lumber and other gear to the roof rack.

Im using the Mooring Hitch knot to start my rope on the roof rack and finishing and cinching down the load using a Truckers Hitch knot. Both of those are knot, errrr not in my old Boy Scout handbook, but I found them over at…


They have an awesome website with tons of knots there with descriptions of what they are used for as well as photos and animating images on how to tie off the knots. They also have some laminated knot cards available for a low price (like $5 dollars) with free shipping. Its a great gift idea and just all around great to have around the house.

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