Update On Electric Meter

Over the past two years Ive mentioned the health dangers of the new electronic “smart meters”. Its been over six months now since I told you I covered my meter with a simple $6 aluminum wire mesh to block potential electromagnetic radiation signals.

Id like to happily report all is fine, I get less headaches (actually none!) and the electric company doesnt seem to have a problem with what Ive done either. No letters in the mail from them, no problems reading the meter, etc. Its a simple effective easy solution that doesnt disrupt the meter thats already there.

In these past six months Ive read about people buying the old style electric meters online for about $50 and having an electrician swap out the new smart meter for the old one. I may go this route in the future when I have more time. We’ll see. Until then the aluminum wire mesh on the smart meter does the job of protecting my family.

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