Me and the TSA

I flew out of a California airport recently and wanted to share my TSA experience with the world.

TSA had one line to get into… the gas chamber, eerrrrrr, I mean the cancer body scanner. Before it was my turn I asked wheres the pat down line? And they looked at me like I was a nut. What do you mean sir?? “Yah… Im not going in that machine. I want the pat down instead. Thanks.”


They called for backup re-enforcements. They pulled me to the side. This was all done in front of everyone in line. A big show of #1 authority and #2 a psychological ploy on everyone else in line. If you ask for the pat down, this is whats in store! You get singled out like you are a bad person in front of everyone. Then, after they got their man to pat me down I was interrogated… So why would you like the pat down sir? “Well Ive heard things” … you’ve heard things? like what? “Yah, a new report issued last month says TSA operators of the body canners have increased cancer levels.” Ohh is that so? Well thats probably from the x-ray machines, not from the new scanners. You dont have to worry about these now. I asked him if he really believed the hogwash he was forced to tell me. He was cool about it and chuckled. I could tell it was a nervous chuckle. He then asked if I was ready. Ready? For what??? I was told I could go into a private screening if this might offend me. What the heck?! If its going to offend me it should not be done at all idiot!!!!

So right there I stand on the two footprints and told to spread my legs wide, spread my arms out wide all in front of the entire line of people waiting for the body scanner. This way everyone can see. A public humiliation of sorts in front of everyone. The TSA agent pulled my pants open and putt his hands in all around my waist brushing my pubic hair. He squeezed my genitals. Squeezed my buttocks, then took off my socks and inspected them. THIS IS ALL WAY TOO FAR. Come to think of it, my wife has never even taken my socks off! Just myself and a TSA agent.

I filed a complaint and was on my way shaking my head as to why this continues day in and day out all around America.

What really gets me is that NOT ONE PERSON opted for the pat down. Not one. Its like Nazi Germany all over again. If we were told to go into the gas chamber to take a shower before our flight 99% of the people would definitely do it. Why? Peer pressure.

The psychological pressure was felt afterwards too. While I walked around the airport lobby waiting for my flight… buying some water, buying a magazine for the flight, going to the bathroom… I was eyeballed by others who saw me while they were waiting in line for TSA.  When on the plane I was also eyeballed by everyone. Like I was a bad guy doing bad things. Im just someone who said NO.

If we all say NO to the body scanners and TSA they would go away. But we continue to let it happen. At least 99% of us anyways. Yesterday, I was ashamed of my fellow Americans.


  1. Anonymous

    The Europeans don’t allow the scanners to be used on children because the image is so graphic it violates child pornography laws. It is unbelievable that so many cowards would allow a stranger to see their child’s naked image viewed by some unknown stranger or even worse allow a stranger to fondle their child’s privates in public.

    Germany abandoned them and went back to metal detectors because of the 54% false positive rate with MMW while failing to detect items 40% of the time. The scanners are only used on 30% of passengers, the rest are sent through metal detectors so these aren’t making anyone “safer” if only some passengers are scanned.

    The backscatter scanners have not been tested for radiation exposure despite multiple lawsuits and claims by radiologists that they pose a risk. They do not have any privacy software and a screener is viewing the nude image of every passenger who passes through ion violation of multiple State and federal laws that would normally prohibit this without a court order or at minimum exigent circumstances. The Rapi-Scan backscatter x-ray units continue to pose a cancer risk and still produce a naked image which Denver TSA area director Pat Ahlstrom, admitted "were graphic, no doubt about it.". These images are usually viewed by male screeners putting female passengers and children at risk of harassment.

    In the past two months 35 TSA workers fired or arrested and 66 more disciplined for misconduct. Two more were arrested in the past week for theft from passengers and assault with a handgun. A known pedophile, Thomas Harkins, was exposed two months ago but remains employed as a TSA Supervisor in Philadelphia and allowed to grope children at the checkpoint.

    There were a total of 97 TSA workers arrested in the last 20 months including 12 arrested for child sex crimes, over 26 for theft, 12 for smuggling contraband through security and one for murder.

    The scanners and pat down procedures make these jobs attractive to pedophiles and there is a real risk that a pedophile at TSA will have access to your body and that of your child. These need to be used as a secondary device as originally approved by Congress and not used on every person without probable cause.

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