Interesting Effect of Smart Meter

I thought I would share this story with you since I am always talking about smart meters. My dad too has a smart meter on his house which he didnt care for. The last few years Ive been telling him and others about the potential health dangers of smart meters as well as being on a “grid” that the government can monitor. With smart meters it is now possible to control sections of the house. For the past few days my dad has not been able to watch TV, turn lights in his bedrooms, but has been able to run a ceiling fan, run his air conditioning and run his dishwasher. The lights are out. He has called Southern California Edison and they offer a blanket statement that they are working on the situation. Other neighbors are experiencing the same problems.

This is new. The old meters didnt have these problems. The new meters can be selectively controlled from afar. Protesting the president? No air conditioning for you! Writing letters to your senator about a dog tax? No oven to bake dog biscuits! Made a comment on a social site like Facebook about your stupid governor? No TV for you! While these ideas seem far fetched, it was just a couple years ago I was telling people that the smart meters could be controlled by someone else. In fact, since Im in IT, I could probably hack my smart meter somehow and control it myself.

I hope everyone wakes up to the control grid slowly being forced upon us. We are losing our freedoms and rights. What was so bad about an analog meter and employing hundreds of thousands of meter readers across the country? It was a real job people were proud to have. Those jobs are disappearing fast and all being replaced by electronics that other people will yield power of. I used to know my meter reader! I used to know my mailman too! It used to be a community that everyone shared part of. Now, we are being forced into our homes to watch television “programming” and not associate with anyone. Go out! Get to know your neighbors! Rebuild that community and take your cities back! If there is a problem you can all go together to city hall and be a force. Dont like the smart meters? TELL THEM you dont like them before its too late.

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