Some Pics From Renovation

Im in the middle right now of renovating a couple rooms in the house. Ive spent a lot of time thinking about how I could maximize space in the house and now Im finally doing something about it. In the photo above I open the wall up first to find wires and remove or relocate them.

In the second photo, I’m removing all the plaster from the walls (yes, thats grass growing up in the wall). This eastern facing room gets really hot, so Im insulating all the walls and putting everything back together. If this was a newer home, pulling off or cutting drywall would be much less mess!

Here I am securing a late night load from the 24 hour big box hardware store. For the ceiling of my eastern room with a sloping ceiling, I’m using a 1.5″ thick foam board with foil on one side to keep the suns heat out. I have it installed already and really notice an improvement!

Coincidentally, I bought this 1992 Jeep from my mom about 10 years ago. Its been a non op vehicle the last five years and for this renovation Ive cleaned it up, added a 5 inch lift with some new tires and rims and its able to tackle on anything now! Love it!

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