Saw Stop Safety System

For a few years now there has been technology available to prevent table saw injuries which add up to hundreds per day here in America and approx 11 amputations daily. This type of technology is awesome. Check out this demonstration here (using a hot dog, not a finger)…

Very cool! You can learn more and buy a table saw with this technology here…

These table saws are pricey though starting at $1500 on up. The technology was invented by Stephen Gass and he deserves credit for such an awesome invention.

There is a lot more to this whole story though. Stephen Gass is a patent attorney. He has over 90 patents related to this new saw technology so it probably wont be copied soon by other competitors (think Riyobi, Makita, Skill, Dewalt, etc).

There is a new bill being presented here in California. The link to the article is below. The new bill would require this new table saw technology to be used on new saws sold in California. Great idea until you read into these finer details like how the inventor s a patent attorney and that he hired lobbyists to lobby for this bill here! I say its dirty pool. Great idea, great technology, it will save people from injuries, pain, suffering, and medical costs, but the way it was gone about is pretty dirty.

Will I buy one of these saws in the future? Probably! Maybe after the “dust” has settled though.


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